Worried About Age and Plastic Surgery

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Neither one of you. A lot is written about different things that many younger people
especially value, and one of these is their appearance. The proliferation of cell phone
cameras and social media have changed things in a way that previous generations have
difficulty understanding.

For many young people, and for some older people as well, knowing that their photo or
video can be taken at any time and without warning, causes them to be concerned about
features that show most clearly – especially facial areas and above-the-waist body
contouring. This could include anything from fillers and peels to surgical procedures.
Women who have birthed a child or two, especially are eager to return to their pre-baby
appearance. After displeasure with their efforts at exercise and dieting, many consider
plastic surgery. My patients often say that they really can’t “feel good” until they “feel
good about their appearance.”

Overall, statistics say that millennials are receiving these treatments in unprecedented
numbers. Some surveys show that 72% of millennials have had procedures, ranging
from injectables to more invasive plastic surgery, which is up from 58% only five years

Some patients consider these treatments as “prejuvenation,” as part of the self-care of
their body, trying to slow the results of aging, rather than needing more extensive
procedures to correct these areas later.
One other paradigm shift to understand is that younger people aren’t embarrassed, and
in fact, are proud of their treatments. By not waiting until they “needed” treatment, they
are proud that they were proactive and now look and feel much better about themselves.

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