Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry means that one of your breasts doesn’t look like the other. If you have uneven breasts – that is, one breast is slightly different in size and/or projection than the other breast – you might be relieved to know that about 90% of women have the same problem. However, noticeably asymmetric breasts occur in only one out of every 20 women, and can be a difference of several cup sizes. Besides difficulty selecting bras, swimwear, and other garments, lopsided breasts can affect a woman’s self-esteem, can contribute to intimacy problems and can cause back or neck pain.

Why does Breast Asymmetry occur?

It is not clear why some women’s breasts develop unevenly, but genetics are thought to play a part. During one’s teen years while the breasts are developing, breast asymmetry isn’t that unusual. Not all small asymmetries warrant “fixing.” However, by the age of 21, most women’s breasts are fully developed. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you may see that your nipple position is higher on one side and lower on the other side. This often goes along with where your breast fold meets your chest wall, called fold asymmetries. That also contributes to whether one breast appears higher or lower than the other. Also, how your spine is straight or curved can contribute to things like one shoulder being higher than the other. All these things are normal. In addition, because you have a different number of ribs on one side than the other and the fact that your rib cage is not perfectly shaped in a cylinder, you will always be able to pick out small asymmetries when we discuss your situation in consultation.

If there are significant asymmetries in size, shape or projection from the chest wall, then you and I will talk about those differences as to whether or not they are achievable to be tackled during your cosmetic breast procedure. Pregnancy and menopause can cause changes in breast size, although again the breasts usually enlarge or shrink evenly on both sides even if they are not symmetric.

If you are concerned that one of your breasts is noticeably different than the other one, there are solutions available in my Mentor plastic surgery office.

Treating Uneven Breasts

There are several options to eliminate breast asymmetry:

  1. Breast reduction to reduce the size of the larger breast to match the smaller one
  2. Breast augmentation to increase the size of the smaller breast to match the larger one
  3. Reducing the size of the larger breast to the size of the smaller breast and augmenting them both up to the size you want them ultimately to be

In as much as a breast augmentation creates fewer scars than breast reduction, if your “larger breast” doesn’t cause back or neck pain or isn’t out of proportion to your body, a breast augmentation is usually the better solution. If one or both of your breasts sag more than you wish, a breast lift may also be a consideration to give you beautiful symmetric breasts.

Your next step is to contact my plastic surgery office and schedule a private consultation with me. I will examine your breasts, take measurements and make my very best recommendations as to the course of action to give you the results that make you feel great. Cleveland area women with asymmetric breasts love the results that I create for them and are delighted that they took the step to eliminate this problem.

Removing Fat Where You Don’t Want It

“Patients sometimes think they are too old to have this surgery done, but they are not and they are amazed by the results. Their stomach has always bothered them. After decades of working out and years of having a trainer tell them that if they did more crunches their abdominal wall laxity would get better, they are dismayed. They have been made to feel that they’re failures when it comes to their own efforts to get better.”

“But when I explain the anatomy from a surgeon’s perspective and the outcome that’s possible from the patient’s perspective, they are so relieved. In my sincere discussion with them, I say, “That’s why God made me.” I am able to put those abdominal muscles back where they belong, get rid of those stretch marks to the best of my ability, and make the abdomen flatter than it’s been in decades.”

“No one can guarantee perfection, but if it’s an outcome that is possible, I will strive to achieve that outcome. Give us a call.”

— Dr. Paul Vanek