Freckles and Lentigines

What is the Difference Between Freckles and Lentigines?

Freckles are areas of the skin where an overproduction of melanin has occurred, so their appearance is affected by sun exposure. In contrast to lentigines and moles which are a result of a concentration of melanin-producing cells. Lentigines resemble freckles, are just as harmless, and are color stable. 

Laser Treatment of Freckles

Dr. Vanek and his staff use the Sciton® BBL™ to treat the appearance of freckled skin. The BBL™ uses a specific wavelength of light energy to target and heat the top dermal layers. The heating triggers the body’s natural healing response: the production of new collagen. The new collagen helps rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. The energy also disrupts and eliminates melanin found in pigmented lesions, reducing the appearance of freckles.

Laser Treatments of Lentigines

Depending upon your particular lentigine condition, Dr. Vanek may recommend ablative and/or non-ablative lasers. An ablative laser like the Sciton® Profractional™ or the Sciton® MicroLaserPeel™ removes skin cells in a targeted manner to resurface your skin. New collagen is produced which improves the texture, firmness and appearance of your skin. A non-ablative treatment, like the pulsed light Sciton® BBL™, uses specific wavelengths of light energy to target specific types of cells. The melanin (pigmentation responsible for skin coloring) and surrounding cells are selectively laser treated, reducing the appearance of lentigines.