Chin Augmentation For Men

A well-defined chin helps balance the nose and profile, creating overall symmetry in the face

By contrast, an underdeveloped chin can make the nose look more prominent than it actually is or undermine an otherwise balanced face. Chin augmentation surgery, called genioplasty, uses facial implants to strengthen the lower face and create a more confident, balanced profile. Dr. Vanek, a board-certified surgeon, will choose the implants and customize the procedure to achieve the most complimentary results for your individual needs. Because of the complex relationship between the jaw, teeth, and maxillofacial muscles, an in-depth individual evaluation that includes x-rays may be required.

As with all his procedures, Dr. Paul Vanek believes a great outcome begins with the consultation. During your consult, Dr. Vanek will educate you on the risks and benefits of any procedure and empower you to make an informed, medically sound decision. Your individual anatomy and your aesthetic goals will create a series of surgical options for Dr. Vanek to review with you. To enhance your outcome, Dr. Vanek may suggest additional procedures.