TruSculpt iD

Personalized Body Sculpting: The Next Evolution

For patients looking for a reliable method to treat their hard to lose chunky areas and tighten loose skin, truSculpt iD is now available in Dr. Vanek‘s practice.

This radio frequency energy delivery device allows for a comfortable dissolution of your hard to treat fat areas as well as skin tightening combined in a single treatment that takes about 15 minutes. For patients who do not want to have surgery or it’s downtime but still want to enjoy the marvelous results associated with body contouring and Dr. Vanek’s practice- truSculpt iD may be for you.

Photo of Mary Jo posing and smiling with truSculpt iD machine


truSculpt iD is an in office procedure utilizing radio frequency energy that is applied directly to the skin that feels like a hot stone massage. Patient may feel some discomfort that’s transient during the treatment that lasts about 15 minutes per session but this goes away as soon as the treatment is over. It does not require any anesthesia shots or drugs to have the outcome you are looking for.

Patients can walk in, lie down, have the areas treated, then walk out within a half an hour appointment. You can resume exercise, other regular, vigorous activity and any other sort of job function you may have without any interruption. In about 12 weeks your body area will be smaller and your skin will be tighter in the treated area due to the biological effects of the true sculpt ID radio frequency energy.

Coolsculpt has a description of an unfortunate side effect called PLH- paradoxical lipo hypertrophy.

It is now been published that coolsculpting® patients have about a 20% chance that they’re fat area treated by freezing methods can end up actually bigger! We know that only 50% of coolsculpting® treated patients even get ANY fat shrinkage. The other 50% get very little or no results. For the patient that does get coolSculpting results, they are most often disappointed that their skin is now loose and deflated.

There is no paradoxical Lipo hypertrophy described with radio frequency treatment using truSculpt iD.

If you were in relatively good shape and would like to lose fat volume and have tighter skin in hard to lose places without surgery then you should consider truSculpt iD treatment. It may take more than one session to achieve your goals. Your goals will be discussed at the time of your consultation. The sessions are about three months apart on the body- arms, trunk, thighs, knees, back, flanks, and abdomen. The sessions are about six weeks apart on the neck.

truSculpt iD Technology

truSculpt iD delivers heat to the entire fat layer while maintaining a comfortable skin temperature – optimizing clinical efficacy and maintaining patient comfort

Photo of digital image of body fat with Cutera attachment placed on the skin for truSculpt iD

2 MHz Monopolar RF

Cutera’s proprietary, low frequency and uniform delivery technology, penetrates deep to treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle.

Photo of digital image of body fat with temperature markings to show the truSculpt therapy working through the fat

Real-Time Temperature Control

Skin temperature is continuously monitored and energy delivery is automatically adjusted to reach and hold a therapeutic temperature.

Photo of digital image of body fat

12 Weeks After truSculpt iD Treatment

After just 12 weeks we see an average of 24% fat reduction in the area where the procedure occurred in our patients.