Renuvion For Face

What is Renuvion Face Tightening?

J-Plasma Renuvion is a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure that uses helium plasma energy on the underside of the skin to instantly tighten and rejuvenate anywhere on the face and body. A unique alternative to traditional facelifts, tummy tucks and body sculpting, the procedure will shrink and sculpt loose and lax skin without large incisions, downtime or the complications of cosmetic surgery.

J-Plasma for the face uses helium plasma energy under the skin to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the face and neck giving you natural looking results with minimal downtime and no complications of a traditional facelift. It is unique because the cold plasma energy applied under the skin creates instant skin contraction resulting in improved laxity, tightening and shrinkage.

Benefits of Renuvion For The Face

Immediate skin tightening

Improved skin elasticity

Eliminates crepey skin

Renuvion Face Tightening Candidates

The procedure can be used on men and women of all skin types and all age groups ranging from 30-somethings to 80-year-olds. J-Plasma for the face is ideal for those with mild to moderate sagging in the lower face, jawline, jowls and neck. A traditional facelift is recommended for those with more advanced needs. Patients choose J-Plasma face because they want good improvement but don’t want the downtime, expense and complications of a traditional surgery.

Watch as Dr. Paul Vanek Discusses Renuvion Skin Tightening

What Is Plasma Energy?

Helium plasma is created when helium gas is energized by radio frequency energy and delivered through the device. Because Helium gas is very stable, it can be ionized at very low energy ensuring flexible, precise and safe delivery. Helium plasma is cooler than laser energy making this a safer procedure with less risk and damage to the tissue and affording patients a quick recovery. The level of improvement and rejuvenation from cold plasma energy is unrivaled in current technologies. No laser, ultrasound or radio frequency treatment is capable of tightening and firming skin to this level.

During the Consultation

During your extensive consultation, Dr. Vanek will evaluate your facial and neck structure, your skin elasticity, and your underlying muscle tone. They will thoroughly explain each technique along with its risks, benefits, and recovery times. You will describe in detail how you want your face and neck to look after your procedure.

Renuvion Face Procedure

Dr. Vanek starts the Renuvion face procedure with three tiny, hidden incisions under the chin and behind each ear. They will then use the device sub-dermally (under the skin) to deliver helium plasma, which instantly tightens, shrinks and rejuvenates skin from the inside out. Results are immediate and continue to improve as your body continues to heal.

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