Seasonal Facial

Hi, my name is Betsy, and I want to know, is your skin tight? Is it dull, is it lackluster? Does it need exfoliation? I have a great Winter Peppermint Microdermabrasion Facial and I’m going to show it to you right now.

Alright, today we’re giving Ashley, who came all the way from San Diego, California, she is getting a Microderm Winter Peppermint Facial. I’ve prepped her skin with a glycolic degreaser and then with an alcohol swab to get all the oils off, and then we’re going to start with the microderm. Because of her skin type, she has very fair skin. So, this is how it feels. Some people say it feels like a cat licking them.

Yep, and then I go through, and a do a criss-cross pattern. And this really does a great exfoliation of the top stratum corneum. And the vacuum takes it away and puts it through the filter, and really cleans out your pores and gets that surface, the dead skin cells off, and preps your skin for the peppermint facial.

A lot of women and men, they have compacted dirt and debris from sunscreens and lotions, that really need to get out of their pores, and this really helps to loosen up that debris.

Ashley has a lot of dry skin that I’m pulling up, and she’ll notice a difference now in the texture around this area of her nose and her upper cheeks, and her forehead, along with her chin. As I do this, I can actually see the debris coming to the surface, it’s quite an amazing exfoliation.

Okay, so we’re going to apply the Vanek Cosmeceutical Fine Polish Facial Beads. This is a very nice exfoliant to open up those pores even more and work on her texture. This will sit on her face for a few minutes. During this time, I going to give her a foot massage, and come back and take it off with some hot towels, and then we will put on the peppermint mask, which is going to give her that radiant glow and really brighten up her skin.

And I am applying the peppermint mask, which has flaxseed and peppermint oil, and this helps to revitalize dull skin, and it also has a cooling property to it. Because after the microdermabrasion, sometimes people feel like their skin has a little bit of windburn, and this really helps with that feeling as well.

The cooling lasts about an hour after you leave the office. So, very awakening-type feeling, it’s really nice. Very, very soothing, too. She’ll have a radiant glow when we are done. Ready for the winter months.

I’m going to finish her off with Dr. Vanek’s Cosmeceutical moisturizing products, 14-1 Elastin Creme, Liquid Gold to seal it, and then Dr. Vanek’s lip treatment as well.

The mask is on and we’re gonna take a few minutes here, and I’m going to step aside and give you an arm and hand massage.

Okay, I’m taking off the peppermint mask now and Ashley will have a cooling feeling for at least an hour after she leaves the office, and have that refreshed feeling. When I’m done taking off the product, I’ll be using Vanek Cosmeceuticals on her.

So, I’m applying a little eye product around her eyes and then I will use Dr. Vanek’s 14-1 Collagen Elastin Creme. That’s one of our winter favorites here. It really moisturizes and works with your collagen and elastin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles, and moisturize as well.

Okay, and the last product I’ll put on Ashley today is Dr. Vanek’s lip treatment, and this has moisturizing, firming and plumping properties, and it’s a clear, topical product you can put on top of your lip gloss, your lipstick, and it just is so moisturizing and it tastes really good as well. Like an orangesicle, almost, doesn’t it?

– Yeah.

– Yeah, it’s really nice. And she is all done. She’s got a great glow and she’s ready to go!