Lip Flip

If you’d like to make your lips more full appearing and the smokers’ lines softer, then a lip flip might be for you!

Who needs a lip flip?

The muscle around the lip is formed in a ring around the whole mouth, called the orbicularis orus. As our mouth ages, it develops lines around the mouth from activation. We call them smoker’s lines, even if you didn’t smoke. This is a similar phenomenon to what the ring muscle around the eye creates – those lines are called crow’s feet.

How does a lip flip work?

In both instances, the crinkles around the mouth and eye respond to Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin is an injection that weakens your muscles in the areas injected. Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and Juveau are all the same neurotoxin molecule, called Abotulinum toxin, with different purification processes.

How do I get the lip flip effect?

Lip flip is an in-office injection procedure of a very low dose of Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, or Juveau directly into the border of the red portion of the lip that meets the skin, called the vermillion border. If we can get the vermillion border just under the nose to be a little more full and less wrinkled it is very attractive to ourselves and others. It naturally looks more alluring. The placement of the neurotoxin allows the red to show a little more- “lip flip” -making you look more youthful with a subtle, fuller lip.

Any other questions of what it is?

A very small dose of Botox-like drug weakens the muscle ring and causes the wrinkles to smooth out. The key thing Is that it is a very low dose in your lip edge that is perfectly placed so it allows you to smile and eat, drink, and sip through a straw flawlessly! Even if you have no lines around your mouth, a lip flip can make your mouth cuter and your lips more kissable!

What if my lips are really thin or really wrinkled?

For more dramatic volume enhancement to the lip or for more wrinkle control of deeper lines- a volume filler can be added. This decision making and analysis will be discussed during your consultation!

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