Forehead Lift and Brow Lift For Men

A forehead lift can take years off your appearance by raising the position of the brow and smoothing over frown lines on the forehead. Dr. Vanek performs endoscopic (minimally invasive) forehead lift surgery.

“Even if they have a very short hairline, they can consider an endoscopic brow lift that will rejuvenate their appearance and often preclude the need for an upper eyelid lift,” says Dr. Vanek. “As you read this, you can figure out for yourself if you would like a brow lift. Take your fingers and push your eyebrow up to a nice position, and see how it makes you look younger as well as affects the amount of excess upper eyelid skin that is present. Now make sure you understand that we don’t have to shave your head to make that happen through three small incisions in your scalp. The one hour procedure allows you to shower and shampoo the next day.”

A brow lift as performed by Dr. Vanek is an endoscopic procedure: a small camera and specialized tools are inserted through tiny incisions and the entire procedure is performed beneath your skin. Dr. Vanek’s research background and training has allowed him to be at the forefront of medical technology. “I have been fortunate enough to train with the thought leaders in this field who literally invented this procedure. I was present for the very early procedures, and I was able to see the success and innovations that occurred. And so we have been able to make this technique an excellent one,” says Dr. Vanek. “It’s very predictable and with very low risks involved.”