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I get this question regularly from readers and many others. You can fill in the blank with virtually any procedure I perform.

Everyone knows cost is an important factor when considering plastic surgery, but when your health and medical results and safety are at stake, as well as your satisfaction with final aesthetic results, cost should definitely not be the dominant factor. The “cheapest” procedure could can end up being the most expensive procedure of all, or worse, one that impacts your physical health for years to come.

Although there is less risk with surgical procedures than ever, and complication rates are low, these rates are much higher with practitioners who aren’t well-trained or who cut corners by not operating in an accredited facility. The worst examples are the true horror stories about patients travelling to other countries to get bargain surgery, in an environment without the rigorous safety regulations demanded in the U.S. Accredited facilities are certified for multiple safety features, including the facility, staffing, policies and procedures, and emergency protocols.

Start by confirming that your surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This indicates that the surgeon has gone through thorough training over many years, extensive examinations and maintenance of expertise. This is easily done by visiting: plasticsurgery.org. While you are verifying credentials, being board certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery (as I am) should give you further
confidence. You can check this at: absurgery.org

I have more information about this topic, so I will continue in a future column.

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