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I started answering this in a previous column, commenting how cost is important but should never be your first consideration. Surgery that subjects a patient to unnecessary risk or renders unsatisfying results should be your first concern, so I strongly advise you to only trust board-certified surgeons operating in certified facilities. Unfortunately, some practitioners offer to save patients money by using facilities not designed for general anesthesia. For most patients and surgical procedures, this is your safest option, because it gives you a protected airway.

Once you find your board-certified surgeon who utilizes proper facilities, you should check on their reputation, and reviews on medical sites may be helpful. I’m very proud of my many 5-star reviews and grateful to my patients for sharing their excitement over their results. All photos on my website are my actual patients, and not retouched.

Your next step is consulting with the doctor. Do they listen and understand your wishes and needs? Do they
discuss your options and speak honestly of realistic outcomes you can expect? Ask questions about before-and-after patient photos on my website, and others you can view in my office. If you like these results, hopefully you can see your body-type represented. Remember, it is always less expensive, less stressful and less time-consuming to have your procedure done right, even if at higher cost, compared to requiring additional surgeries to fix procedures not done properly.

I am again out of space and will continue this with part 3. In the meantime, please feel
free to call my office for a private, no-obligation consultation.

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