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Facial plastic surgery is performed to reshape structures in the head and neck — typically the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones and neckline. People seeking this surgery may be motivated by a desire to reconstruct the face after an injury or disease or to change a feature present from birth

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Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a “boob job” by patients, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance your breasts.
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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involved with both the improvement in a person’s appearance and the reconstruction of facial and body tissue defects caused by illness, trauma, or birth disorders. Plastic surgery restores and improves function, as well as appearance.
Betsy Davis performing laser skin treatment on a MedSpa patient


A med spa is a medical facility that provides aesthetic treatments by a licensed health care provider. Aesthetic medicine is an area of medicine to enhance the face and body within a medical practice. The medical care provider is operating under their specific scope of practice.