For Men

Abdominal reduction - TUMMY TUCK

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure specifically designed to flatten the appearance of the abdomen


Men and women who don’t have the muscle tone and definition they would like in their lower legs are taking advantage of the increasingly popular procedure of calf augmentation through implants. 


Chin augmentation surgery, called genioplasty, uses facial implants to strengthen the lower face and create a more confident, balanced profile. Dr. Vanek will choose the implants and customize the procedure.


Facelift and eyelid surgery, either together or separate, ease signs of facial aging

forehead lift - brow lift

A forehead lift can take years off your appearance by raising the position of the brow and smoothing over frown lines on the forehead. Dr. Vanek performs endoscopic (minimally invasive) forehead lift surgery.

injectable therapy

Men don’t want that patina of age any more than women do, but they don’t mind a little gray at the temples – it gives them credibility. That’s the sweet spot we aim for: credible, but youthful.

laser hair removal - for men

Laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for men.

male breast reduction (gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia doesn’t go away with weight loss. Even men who are on a strictly regimented diet and men with low body fat can still have excess breast tissue. Once the breast has developed, it does not involute; it does not shrink or go away on its own.

male massive weight loss

A body lift is similar to a tummy tuck, but specifically designed for patients who have lost a significant amount of body weight and wish to improve their body’s contour. This is accomplished through an incision that allows the surgeon to re-suspend deep tissue so the skin can be re-draped and the excess removed for a tighter body contour above and below the waist.

male neck lift

Removing extra skin and fat from beneath the chin and tightening the remaining tissue can dramatically enhance a man’s youthful appearance

male rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the term for the aesthetic reshaping of the nose. Because of his training and experience, Dr. Vanek also offers septoplasty and turbinate surgery, which are procedures to correct breathing problems like snoring. Septoplasty is the term for the repair of a deviated or deformed septum (the cartilage and tissue between the nostrils).

male skin care & facial treatments

Facial treatments are becoming more popular with men in part due to their lifestyle.

male wrinkles vaser Liposelection®

Wrinkles are simply folds or creases that result from repetitive movements of the body, like facial expressions. Environmental and behavioral factors like sun damage and smoking can exacerbate and deepen wrinkles. The appearance of wrinkles can be diminished with the use of ablative lasers like the Sciton® Profractional™ or the Sciton® MicroLaserPeel™.