Eyebrow Lift In Mentor OH

Dr. Vanek Focuses on Brow Lift Surgeries

“I think my patients are quite surprised that a brow lift alone can improve their whole upper face,” explains Dr. Paul Vanek. “You can look in the mirror and pull up on your forehead and see the difference it makes in your eyes – that’s a concept that is not often explained until patients come to my office.

While this might be a very imprecise way of visualizing a possible outcome, it is indicative of what Dr. Vanek can accomplish. “With three small incisions hidden in your scalp, I can endoscopically achieve a marvelous brow lift outcome that will make you look very youthful, instead of over-pulled or surprised,” says Dr. Vanek, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

A board-certified general and plastic surgeon, Dr. Vanek has been operating five days a week in his surgical facility for cosmetic and plastic surgery since 1996, and has recently, again, been named “Lake County’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon” by the News Herald. Dr. Vanek knows how to assess your facial anatomy and deliver fantastic results for his Cleveland brow lift patients.

“I am not quick to recommend a more aggressive procedure because I can accomplish a tremendous improvement with a very minimal technique,” Dr. Vanek explains. “I don’t have to cut across the top of your head or hairline. I can achieve tremendous results with just three one-inch incisions vertically placed in your scalp without having to cut your hair or risk permanent numbness in your scalp that the larger incisions (like the coronal brow lift technique) can produce.”

Dr. Vanek performs a brow lift as an endoscopic procedure: a small camera and specialized tools are inserted through tiny incisions, and the entire procedure is performed beneath the skin. Dr. Vanek’s research background and training have allowed him to be at the forefront of medical technology.

“I have been fortunate enough to train with the leaders in this field who literally invented this procedure. I was present for the very early procedures, and I was able to see the success and innovations that occurred. And so we have been able to make this technique an excellent one,” says Dr. Vanek. “The endoscopic brow lift is very predictable with very low risk involved.”

As with all his procedures, Dr. Vanek believes a great outcome begins with the consultation. During your consult, Dr. Vanek will educate you on the risks and benefits of any procedure and empower you to make an informed, medically sound decision. Your individual anatomy and your aesthetic goals will create a series of surgical options for Dr. Vanek to review with you. To enhance your outcome, Dr. Vanek may suggest additional procedures, like a mini-facelift or neck lift to compliment your more youthful brow.

No one can guarantee a great result, but if it’s an outcome that is possible, I will strive to achieve that outcome,” Dr. Vanek says. “Give us a call. I’d love to talk with you and help you celebrate your beauty.”

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