Why are most Plastic Surgeon Men?

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Why are most Plastic Surgeon Men?

This situation is true for all surgeons. Using “Board Certified” surgeon data, which my readers know are the only kind I recommend, about 85% of plastic surgeons are men, and about 80% of general surgeons are men. Female gains in our plastic surgical ranks has been an initiative of those of us in leadership for the past 15 years.

I think that professional development numbers for female surgeons run parallel with many other professional careers having more men than women, such as lawyers and corporate CEOs. While we know women have many more opportunities today than ever before, it still takes time to balance the
scales. The length of our profession’s training program and work schedule demands cannot be dismissed. Obviously, many capable women have endured the pre-amble rigors to practice successfully, full time. The reasons for the disparity are not entirely known, but this is being studied at training and developmental branch points.

Interestingly, it is also factual that 92% of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women, and many of my patients tell me they prefer a man treating them. I treasure the relationship that I have with all of my patients, including the trust they place in me.

My cosmetic coordinator and staff are all females who form strong relationships with my patients. But I am truly pleased that most of my patients also have a special bond with me. They know that I see their beauty from the inside out, and that I work to match their pure beauty on their outside. I hope that all my male and female patients know they will receive my very best, every time.

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