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Your body shape, build, and tissue characteristics are all important for us to help you determine your implant sizing. Increasing your breast volume by two cup sizes is typically the goal, but we can discuss larger volume enhancements, according to your body habitus.  We will work closely with you to obtain the results you are comfortable with.

Most patients are very pleased with the ease of recovery, and their ability to return to normal activities quickly.  You should be up and about within a day or two after surgery, and any lingering discomfort can be controlled with prescribed pain medication.  You can shower almost immediately. Most patients usually drive and return to work within a few days, unless work activities require significant lifting, pushing or arm stretching, which should be avoided for two weeks.  You can begin walking the day after surgery but returning to exercise programs is a personal decision, beginning two weeks post-surgery. Strenuous activity and lifting anything over 5 pounds should be avoided for about six weeks.  


You will return to the office for an assessment one day and one week after surgery. There are no sutures to remove. Usually Steri-Strips are applied over the small incision, and you wear a surgical sports bra for three weeks.  At about 8 weeks post-operatively, I use Sciton BBL laser wavelengths to reduce the visibility of your scars and optimize the healing process, which is also at no extra charge. In fact, I include all post procedure visits and phone calls, and am committed to follow up with my patients until the end of my career.

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