What is “Non-Invasive Fat Reduction”?

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What is “Non-Invasive Fat Reduction”?

“Non-invasive” means a procedure is performed without making any surgical incisions in your
skin. “Non-invasive fat reduction” melts away body fat without undergoing surgery. There is
an extensive list of benefits which non-surgical body sculpting technologies offer, including
shorter procedure times, minimal downtime afterwards, the best aesthetic results considering
side effects and recovery period, permanent results (assuming patients adopt a healthy lifestyle
after the procedure), no anesthetic is needed, no normal risks of surgery, such as fat embolism,
bleeding problems, or extended post-operative recovery phase, no risk of infection, no
requirements for pre- or post-operative medications, and FDA approval. I recently announced
my acquisition of the new and innovative “TruSculpt 3D” by Cutera. In only one treatment, the
controlled, monopolar radio frequency body sculpting platform offers patients up to a 24% non-
invasive fat reduction.

Non-invasive fat reduction cannot provide the level of results that a patient typically receives
with surgery, such as tummy tucks or liposuction for the midriff. However, when considering
these overall benefits, there is nothing more advantageous than TruSculpt 3D. For patients
who don’t wish to have, or cannot have surgery, non-invasive fat reduction procedures will
improve skin tone, tighten the skin envelope, and reduce fat. These treatments also will not
leave patients with loose skin or irregularities of contour that are often seen with patients who
undergo the disappointment of non-responsive CoolSculpting treatments.
Non-invasive fat reduction is not for patients who want to lose weight. But for anyone who has
plateaued in their battle with weight loss and aggressive exercise plans, it can make a big

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