Cup Size and Implant Size

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Congratulations on your decision! Your next step is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon (or a double-board certified surgeon, like myself). We will conduct a clinical examination, including getting base width measurements. I prefer to utilize actual implants with you wearing a bra, and in a T shirt, so that you can truly assess your new figure and your projected appearance in multiple views of your chest shape, morphology, projection and overall aesthetic. We call this “custom sizing” so you can obtain the best view before you have your procedure. By adding this to our consultation about your goals and expectations, you will be very happy with the size after your surgery.

Unfortunately, there is no relationship between a breast implant size and breast cup. Each implant manufacturer has a different opinion of what the next size cup is. Although there is general agreement as to what is big or small, the exact volumetric enhancement is not calibrated. This is again why your main consideration for your decision should be how you would like to look in the mirror, both in and out of clothing. Breast augmentations have become one of the most popular procedures that we perform in my practice. I consider it one of my specialties, and my whole staff is very good at guiding patients comfortably through the entire process. We will soon launch a new website specifically featuring many of my patients who are thrilled with their outcomes. There is no better way for me to perform “Artistry that changes lives” so I hope you call my office for a consultation soon.

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