Plastic Surgery as Christmas Gift

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Just as the number of plastic surgery procedures has increased, more people are making it their gift, especially for the holidays. Many are purchased by romantic partners, and a survey of RealSelf community members found that, of those receiving such a gift, 75% received it from their partner. Facials and fillers are very popular as
gifts. Or a wife may give her husband an eyelid lift, or he might surprise her with a breast augmentation.

If the recipient has already had multiple conversations about a procedure or had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, chances are very good your gift will be well received. It can be more complicated if those conversations haven’t happened. If you aren’t reasonably certain that this is something your loved one really wants, your gesture may be perceived as an awkward hint, or as more of a gift for you. I suggest that you look for opportunities to mention the possibility of having a procedure for yourself, and watch their reaction. Many times this will reveal their own interest.

If you decide to do this, I strongly recommend that you let the recipient choose their actual board-certified Plastic Surgeon, because it is most important that patients feel comfortable with their doctor. I also suggest that you think twice before pre-purchasing procedures from Groupon-level centers. All doctors and facilities are not the same. We sell many gift certificates in our office, and we also offer them on our website so you can
buy and print them, even on Christmas Eve!

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