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What is new in the world of wrinkle filler?

A Swiss company has recently launched a new Hylaluronic acid (HA) wrinkle filler that has shown great promise for patients who don’t like their deep lines in their face. It is called RHA. Like other HA molecules, the drug is comfortably injected in the office. I do all the injections! The innovation is a newer method of chemical preparation that makes it act, feel and look like your own tissue. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found throughout your body, in your joints and ubiquitously in your tissue spaces. As we age, the content of both collagen and “ground substance” becomes less prevalent, giving us a depleted look.

There are techniques to stimulate cellular collagen that I spoke of last week. But a direct method of supplementing the face with a material that acts natural is through the use of an injectable formulation called RHA. You may have seen these advertised in past, as they are workhorse agents that have been successfully on the market for some years. Restylane, Juviderm and their newer iterations have been franchising the HA molecule effect with various cross-linking modifications that enable each formulation to work better in separate places in your face. They all derive their base molecular activity from the attributes of the original material found in high concentration from chicken cock’s comb!

Newer techniques of manufacture of HA have eliminated the animal sourcing, as well as refined the behavior and longevity of the HA agent. What this means for you is a supple, long lasting material that you won’t feel, but will love right after it is injected. It should last about a year, depending upon your physiology. My practice offers a host of injectable fillers and agents that restore your tired or sagging appearance. The day of the injection your face will be prepped and the injectable agents are placed in the area(s) we decide upon.

Multiple areas of the face can be addressed in a single injection appointment. The rationale is that doing more than one area is that you have only one potential bruising, swelling and social down time event. There is some risk of bruising which I address with having you off anti-platelet and anticoagulation drugs for a few days prior to injection. I also recommend you take some Arnica montana, which I have available in the office for your use. With coronavirus mask use, that social pressure of bruising is lessened, however.

Aftercare involves some icing and light massage after the injection to reduces the post injection swelling. Should you get bruised, you may return for some complimentary laser, which dramatically reduces the bruising duration. All the tools of analysis, decision making and photo-documentation are available in my practice at Mentor Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, for your facial rejuvenation using fillers.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in decision making to make you look natural, younger, and more rested appearing!

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