How Oxygeneo Works

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I hear that an Oxygeneo facial treatment will brighten my skin. How does it work?

An innovation in rejuvenation of the skin is available at Mentor Plastic Surgery & MedSpa. Oxygeneo is a spa that treatment uses the energy of ultrasound applied topically to activate a pathway in your skin to help restore a healthy glow and luster. Oxygeneo uses a chemical phenomenon, where the change of the skin pH during the treatment activates local oxygen, supercharging your skin appearance. It actually works on your own carbon dioxide in your blood serum. An ultrasound wavelength in the Oxygeneo treatment wand activates an applied gel that results in the chemical stimulation of your tissues.

What you feel is a cool and gentle exfoliation of your skin, removing dead cells and debris from your skin and deeper dermis. The results of the chemical reaction create an immediate healthy glow, and radiant skin improvements in luster and texture. The serial application of this technology improves blood flow to distressed skin, and creates your own immune response and cellular action to improve your brightness and appearance. It can be done on the face, neck and decolletage. You will notice an improvement after the first treatment.

How Oxygeneo Works

It can be done even the day of an important event to bring a glowing you to the spotlight. Some of our patients use this technique weekly on their countdown to an important time in
their life, like a presentation, a wedding or any other social event. You need a little moisturizer after the treatment, but make-up can be applied immediately after the treatment, if you like.

Your face is first cleaned by the aesthetician, and you are in a beautiful spa room. The thick cool gel is applied and the Oxygeneo Capsugen treatment head is activated. The treatment head creates the ultrasound and gel interaction, and feels coarse as it glides over your skin, even though there is no mechanical effect. This feeling is the blood flow stimulating effect on your skin after the exfoliation.

The gel is cleansed, followed by an antioxidant infusion step. Depending upon your skin quality, either Illuminate or NeoBright gel is activated and the ingredients that includes hyaluronic acid, retinol, and kojic acid get to work immediately to make you look and feel dewy and hydrated. We also have a Carbon Acne infusion mode to help treat and calm any active acne breakouts using Oxygeneo technology. You have warm towels to remove the excess and you are good to go. Men and women benefit from this complexion enhancing treatment.

Those who try it, say they didn’t know that their skin could look this good this quickly. If you would like a beautiful gift to yourself or someone you regard, who appreciates a beautiful
complexion then Oxygeneo is a great start. You can get your friend a gift certificate for this treatment, as it treats even the most sensitive skin types with great results!

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