Breast Augmentation and Capsular Contracture Treatment 

Breast Augmentation and Capsular Contracture Treatment Featured Blog Article Photo. Dr. Paul Vanek's What You Need to Know.

Breast augmentation enhances breast appearance and is an effective and safe surgical procedure. This can be done either for reconstruction after mastectomy or for cosmetic reasons.

The complications of this surgical procedure remain very low. One of the most common complications after breast augmentation is capsular contracture. Treating this condition has made great strides in recent years.

Treatments for capsular contracture were limited in the past, with revision surgery often being the only option. Today, Dr. Vanek offers the Aspen Ultrasound Treatment. This non-invasive treatment is for capsular contracture, deemed mild to moderate. Dr. Vanek is here to answer your questions regarding this highly successful treatment.

How Does The Aspen Ultrasound Treatment Work? 

The Aspen Ultrasound treatment consists of a series of therapeutic ultrasound treatments that are painless and administered to the entire implant capsule. The energy conveyed by the ultrasound loosens and softens breast tissue. A more natural and feeling breast is restored, alleviating any pain or tightness that may occur with capsular contracture.

Benefits of Aspen Ultrasound Treatments For Capsular Contracture

The ultrasound treatments are totally non-invasive and completely painless. There is no downtime involved, and it is a cost-effective treatment.

Prevention of capsular contracture before it happens is another benefit of the Aspen Ultrasound Treatment. If you notice signs of capsular contracture, such as any hardening of the breasts or other contracture symptoms, for maximum effectiveness, ultrasound therapy should be started as soon as possible.

Suppose you are experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture. In that case, you should come in for a consultation with Dr. Vanek, who will evaluate and recommend the most beneficial treatment options for you. 

Capsular contracture is a potential complication of breast augmentation surgery where the tissue around the breast implant tightens and forms a thick capsule, leading to discomfort, distortion of the breast shape, and sometimes pain.

Aspen Ultrasound therapy is among the various approaches used to address capsular contracture, and it is essential to note that the effectiveness of these methods can vary among individuals. Here are some potential benefits associated with using ultrasound for capsular contracture in breast augmentation:

Non-invasive Treatment:

  • Ultrasound therapy is generally non-invasive, meaning it does not require surgical intervention. This can appeal to individuals who want to avoid additional surgery or are not candidates for more invasive procedures.

Reduced Risk of Infection:

  • Since ultrasound treatment does not involve incisions or the introduction of foreign materials, the infection risk is lower than surgical interventions.

Softening of Scar Tissue:

  • Ultrasound waves can help break down and soften the scar tissue that forms the capsule around the implant. This may contribute to improved breast implant mobility and a more natural feel.

Improved Blood Circulation:

  • Ultrasound therapy can enhance blood circulation in the treated area. Improved blood flow may aid in the healing process and reduce inflammation.

No Anesthesia Required:

  • Ultrasound treatments are typically performed without the need for general anesthesia. This can be advantageous for those who want to avoid the potential risks and side effects of anesthesia.

Outpatient Procedure:

  • Ultrasound therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis. Patients may not need to stay in a hospital overnight; recovery time may be shorter than surgical alternatives.

Potential for Earlier Intervention:

  • Ultrasound therapy may be considered in the earlier stages of capsular contracture, and some practitioners believe that starting treatment early may improve outcomes.

What to Expect During Ultrasound Treatment

The Aspen Harmonizer is placed on the breast and adjusted during every treatment to treat the entire implant capsule in the breast. 

The number of treatment sessions needed varies and depends on the capsular contracture level you are experiencing. Typically, ten Aspen Ultrasound Treatments are administered over about a month. 

Each visit to our office for treatment is about thirty minutes. Special massage techniques are also recommended to soften and relax the breast tissue. You can return to normal activities after treatment for the rest of the day. 

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