Why are OxyGeneo Facials Better?

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Scientific studies have shown that oxygen is vital to the life of your skin. That’s why oxygen facials became popular, where pressurized oxygen is administered to your skin to plump and hydrate. OxyGeneo Facials take it to the next level, well, actually three levels: a gentle exfoliation, an infusion of antioxidants and nutrients, and the oxygenation. The treatment allows you to get the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. This process hydrates and brightens skin, shrinks the appearance of pores, improves skin texture and reduces hyperpigmentation

Unlike standard oxygen facials, OxyGeneo treatments don’t push oxygen into your skin (which can sometimes lead to redness and sensitivity). OxyGeneo Facials actually work from the inside out, allowing the CO2 to penetrate into the skin at the deepest layer, which makes for more noticeable, longer-lasting results. The drawing of oxygen to the surface from the inside instead of pushing it into your face makes for a world of difference. My patients are amazed how good their skin looks after an OxyGeneo Facial. The word we hear most often is “glowing.” And they love how their pores seemingly disappear, so your skin looks clean, clear, and bright. Not only will you see the difference, but you will notice how your skin feels softer.

While OxyGeneo facials treatments are beneficial for all skin types, they can be customized to specific skin concerns and sensitivities. There is no downtime after a treatment because there is little to no redness, and no peeling of the skin afterwards. Please call my office and find out for yourself. You’ll love it.

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