Renuvion: A Skin Tightening Treatment that Works!

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Here is a minimally invasive skin tightening procedure using the power of radio frequency (RF) plus cold helium plasma.

Doing all the right things to battle the signs of aging—using sunblock, eating healthy, and a great skin care regimen—does not always stop the signs of aging.

Traditional procedures like facelifts, brow lifts, and eyelid surgery used to be the only choices for minimizing sagging skin for a more youthful appearance. During the past ten years, some truly remarkable cosmetic procedures have produced fantastic results to tighten skin without the downtime, discomfort of surgery, and cost.

Dr. Vanek and his talented team are excited to offer Renuvion as a skin-tightening solution for patients who are not ready for surgery.

About Renuvion

The Renuvion skin tightening treatment is the first minimally invasive procedure that uses two technologies that are energy based: radio frequency (rf) energy and cold helium plasma.

  • Radio frequency Energy has been used for years by heating the deep tissues under the skin to encourage collagen production. RF has a long and proven record of efficacy and safety. With new collagen growth, smooth skin is achieved by thickening and firming the skin over time for natural improvements in texture, tone, and firmness.
  • Cold helium plasma forms when helium gas is charged electrically and converted to plasma. This plasma cools the skin while at the same time treated with RF. This helps to maintain comfort and protect surrounding tissues.

Because the skin is being heated and cooled at the same time allows Renuvion to heat the tissues to higher temperatures than before with other devices using RF. Treating more severe sagging in only one treatment can provide improved and even drastically better results. There is minimal recovery, and you are kept safe and comfortable.

Renuvion Uses

The Renuvion device has been built to be very versatile, so it can be used virtually anywhere to stimulate collagen production on the body where there is sagging or loose skin, crepiness, or small areas of fat.

Common problem areas of treatment:

• Upper face, including the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes

• Under the chin and the lower cheeks, jawline (jowls)

• Decolletage, chest, and neck

• Pectoral area or breasts

• Upper arms

• Abdomen

• Inner and outer thighs

During your consultation, Dr. Vanek will discuss your areas of concern to see if Renuvion (or another solution) is the best choice to provide optimal results.

Renuvion Treatment: What to Expect

If you and Dr. Vanek have agreed that Renuvion is an excellent choice for you, your procedure will be performed at Dr. Vanek’s Mentor Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. To achieve great results, minimally invasive incisions are made so the Renuvion device can be inserted under the skin.

Dr. Vanek will discuss which form of anesthesia will be used as he develops your treatment plan.

Once you have received anesthesia and are comfortable, Dr. Vanek will insert the Renuvion probe just beneath the skin’s surface. Once inserted, the probe will provide RF energy which will heat the tissues and at the same time cold helium plasma will cool the tissues. This allows for precise, targeted treatment.

During this procedure, Dr. Vanek will control the device’s location, timing, and temperature to ensure you receive effective and safe treatment. A bandage is placed over the incision sites, and you can return home. Depending on where you received treatment, Dr. Vanek may recommend a compression garment to support optimal healing and minimize swelling.

Renuvion Procedure Discomfort

Some patients choose general anesthesia for their assured comfort during the procedure, and after patients may feel mild discomfort. If you choose to do the procedure in the office, you may experience tolerable discomfort during the procedure time.

There can be some local soreness and swelling after your Renuvion treatment typically lasting a few days. Mild discomfort likened to what patients experience after liposuction has been described.

Recovery Time after Renuvion

Taking it easy for a few days after the procedure is expected, but this does not mean you will be bedridden. Patients may walk the same day and shower normally the next day. Most patients usually feel comfortable resuming all their normal activities in about one week.

Renuvion Results

You can expect to have noticeable changes after about one to two months’ time. These results should last for a very long time because Renuvion causes your natural tissues to build collagen.

This procedure can be perfected as you age to restore a youthful appearance

Dr. Vanek would love to discuss Renuvion with you or help you explore other options for minimally invasive procedures at the Mentor Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. Contact us today for a consultation! (440) 205-5750

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