Hydrafacial and Regular Facial

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There is a big difference, and “Hydrafacial MD” is a breakthrough product of science and skin nutrition, which is why my office uniquely offers it in our area. Hydrafacials are vortex vacuum systems that cleanse, exfoliate, extract and have glycolic peels. Hydrafacial MD gets almost instant results with healthier glowing skin by adding elements of microdermabrasion and truly hydrating the skin.  The process cleans the skin, pores, and refreshes skin texture immediately, and the benefits and appearance far outlast a traditional facial.  It can also be performed with Lymphatic drainage or Red/Blue light therapy, which can help product penetration along with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  Hydrafacial MD has a specialty vial called Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF), a natural protein in our bodies and skin.  You can see CTGF benefits at first glance in the mirror.  It lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles, creates firmer skin with a more even tone, enhances quicker cell regeneration, and promotes production of elastic fibers and collagen in your skin. 

My patients love having a Hydrafacial MD. In comparison to regular facials, it feel more like a light massage to the face. They say it helps conditions like acne and improves the overall tone of their skin. Because it doesn’t cause redness and irritation, there’s very little to no downtime after a procedure.

I have an outstanding Aesthetician in my office, Betsy, who is very experienced in properly providing Hydrafacial MD.  Knowing the importance of proper skincare, we are offering these at an especially low cost.  Call Betsy today and discover why this is my favorite treatment for my own skin.

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