Can you help me get rid of my turkey neck?

Aging, gravity and sun damage can all contribute to loose, sagging skin and excess fat in the neck and jowl areas, which is commonly known as the turkey neck.  I can now utilize innovative plasma and radio frequency energy, with Renuvion/J-Plasma technology to instantly tighten the face and neck. Renuvion neck tightening stimulates collagen and shrinking of the skin and can establish a well-defined neck and jawline without a surgical face lift. These dramatic results can be obtained with lower risks and recovery time than more invasive surgery, because the skin is tightened and refreshed from the inside out. 


After determining the best approach, I mark the jowl and neck areas, and mild sedation is administered, so you experience no pain or discomfort. General anesthesia is typically not used.  I begin by inserting a very small and thin tube, called a cannula, into the trouble area to remove any built-up fat and open up the tissues to increase effectiveness.  Then I insert the Renuvion J-Plasma wand underneath the skin through a very small incision. A combination of cold helium plasma and radio frequency energy are delivered to the whole neck area, uniformly heating the tissues, which enables the coagulation and tightens the cells internally. The helium energy also encourages production of new collagen in the treated skin, facilitating improvement that  continues for several months.  

This procedure requires very little downtime.  You may notice some swelling and bruising for a few days afterward, but most patients feel well enough to return to work within a few days. Any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

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