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Do not feel that you are unique with this concern; most breast augmentation patients ask this same question when they begin. However, after the consultation and custom sizing, they feel very comfortable with their choice.

This is your personal decision, and most patients start with a general opinion of how they want to look. Our before-and-after gallery on our website can provide assistance. You can also consider how you think that people you know, or even celebrities you see, look when they wear the same type of clothing that you would like to wear after your procedure.
When you come in for your private consultation, we will discuss your body type and your amount of breast tissue. In addition to me, my cosmetic coordinator is very experienced in making recommendations that will make you look your very best, including high-profile implants. We also will have you “try out” various sizes under any clothing you wish to bring with you, so you can get an excellent idea how you will appear with different sized implants after augmentation.

I have found that some patients give a lot of consideration to what they think their friends or family will say, or how they think you should look. While this may be a factor, I urge you to make your final decision based on how you feel you want to look. It’s your body, and you are the only person that will live with your decision every minute of the day.
Lastly, this is good timing. You will have great weather to enjoy the “new you” this year, and the slow re-opening of everything will give you more recovery time.

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