7 Minute Abs With Renuvion

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An exciting way to improve the contours of the abdomen using helium plasma technology, called Renuvion is now available. This in-office, minimally invasive technique is performed in the office through a 4mm incision in the belly button. You walk in, have your abdomen prepped with sterile soap, and then have a shot of local anesthetic in your incision site. Pro-Nox is administered through a mouthpiece that you puff on to help with anxiety that some people feel during minor procedures.

Thereafter, you will have liquid local instilled under your skin that makes you comfortable for hours after the treatment. Vaser ultrasound is used to dissolve your fat, and then a 3 mm flexible Renuvion wand is placed under your skin to assist in tightening your tissues three dimensionally! You may shower the day after the procedure.

You will notice that your tummy is flatter the next day. It takes about 7 minutes of Renuvion energy per side to substantially improve your contour of your abs, that will last for years. You may experience some bruising. You should refrain from heavy activity for about 3 weeks, but can return to work in a day or so.

I combine this treatment with tummy tuck or other body contouring or facial rejuvenation, but that usually requires anesthesia for longer or more complex procedures. Single areas of treatment include the neck, back, flanks, abdomen, arms, thighs, and side breast excess. Should you wish to treat these areas at one time we talk over your goals in our consultation process.

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