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Lip Enhancement

Whether you have fine lines around your mouth from sun damage, aging or animation, or just from how you are genetically determined, these lines may be treated in various ways with the latest technologies at Vanek Plastic Surgery.

Lip enhancement can be performed with a host of fillers, including surgical implants that use Alloderm or silicone implants. The most efficient way, for which results typically last about a year, is to use hyaluronic acid. The main agents that I have found to work best for my patients are Volbella and Juvederm. Each has its own characteristics and benefits, which can be discussed in detail during our consultation. My practice also offers Restylane, which works marvelously for patients with lip lines.

For a woman who has already experienced one of these short-acting fillers, and wants longer-term results, she can choose an agent such as Voluma. In our consultation, we can also discuss the longest duration filler, using your own autologous fat. This would be accomplished with a minor surgical procedure, harvesting fat from an area of your body where you don’t want it to be, and placing it immediately into your lips and/or other facial areas.

Fine wrinkling around the mouth can also be treated with laser resurfacing, using Sciton Erbium technology. Erbium laser resurfacing at certain depths has a healing time of between 3 to 7 days. Combining this with Erbium Profractional XC Laser can give a more robust remodeling of deep wrinkles around the mouth. Wrinkles (rhytids) have a depth of the skin that can be plumped with volume enhancing agents by injection or physiologically-altered with the addition of lipo-filling, using autologous fat. Due to the nature of an aging mouth, many patients choose to have laser resurfacing when they receive filler from a syringe or autologous fat. The recovery time for laser resurfacing is based upon your clinical examination during your consultation. Dr. Vanek will guide you as to how long he thinks it will take to resolve your wound healing and pinkness. These can be readily covered by makeup at about 3 to 5 days post-surgery.

One recommended treatment that I designed is called a “Mentor Peel,” which combines a light laser peel with Erbium Laser and Profractional Laser. Patients usually are healed on the 3rd day post-treatment. Combining a Mentor Peel with volume injections with hyaluronic agents can be very effective at giving a very long term texture change to the skin. Once the hyaluronic acid agent (Restylane, Juvederm or Volbella) is metabolized, it can easily be added in a simple procedure over a long term period.

Alloderm Lip Enhancement

Patients desiring a very substantial, long-acting permanent filler, the use of Alloderm Acellular Dermal Matrix has been shown to provide a volumizing enhancement that can be calibrated. Two small incisions, one in each corner of the mouth, can be used to thread a small rolled-up piece of Alloderm, which is then placed within the lip, resulting in a very supple, beautiful and natural volume-enhanced lip. There is a very small chance of infection and resorption that is demonstrated in the scientific literature, but this is a very uncommon outcome.

Silicone Lip Enhancement

I do not advocate the use of direct injection of any sort of silicone agents, as this is fraught with long term complications. However, a silicone implant made from solid silastic can be a favorable long-term improvement. There are some small risks of encapsulation and infection, which we will discuss during our consultation. I offer various modalities of enhancing lips, so we can tailor our discussion specifically to your outcome goals, stewarding you in your decisions to provide long-term outcomes that you will love!

Lip Shortening

As people age, their lip length naturally gets longer from the base of the nose to the vermilion border. With a very small “dog bone shaped” scar at the base of the nose, the lip can be shortened and give some curling of the vermilion border (the sharp demarcation between the lip and the adjacent normal skin). This procedure makes this area look more youthful and beautiful.
It can be done under local anesthesia, with only a few sutures that are removed at about one week after the procedure. No sensory deficits should be expected and lip function will be very normal within about a week of healing.

Topical Lip Filler

We offer a Vanek Cosmeceutical product, “Lip Enhancer,” which is a plumping agent that can be applied topically. It is available in the office, or here.