I get enough sleep, but I still have bags under my eyes. What should I do?

It sounds like you may wish to have a consultation to discuss your options to improve the appearance of your tired eyes. As we age the muscle around the eye sags, and the fat pads that cushion the globe protrude, giving a tired, unrested appearance.

Sun and fun, with aging gives us wrinkled skin that worsens the look we enjoyed when we were younger. There are no creams or fillers that refresh that particular combination of aging changes. If your physical examination confirms this, you may be a candidate for an outpatient procedure called lower blepharoplasty. The procedure involves some anesthesia in your vein to keep you relaxed as an outpatient procedure. There is a fine line incision that is placed at the lower lash line and a suture is placed directly under the skin. The fine line scar is imperceptible in appearance once healed. The suture slides out on day 7 after surgery. With our current Zoom life, most patients who are seeing their own tired under eye bags in the camera can have a very refreshed result in a few weeks after surgery. You may drive, shower and walk a mile the day after the surgery.

Because my practice focuses on facial rejuvenation you may have your upper lids and brow surgery performed at the same time to refresh your entire upper face. A natural, rested look is the goal. Patients correctly are afraid of having an “operated look” or un-natural look. When the lay person sees an unnatural appearing media-personality with altered appearance, it makes our whole society shudder. I will review photographs of patients who have generously shared their before and after results at different times from surgery, to demonstrate to you the pathway you will be on in my practice.

I have found that actual videos of patients and how they move and appear are the most powerful demonstration of the natural result of any facial rejuvenation result in my hands. You will have opportunity to review these with me at the time of your consultation. I will review your after-care instruction in my office before your surgery. After your procedure you are advised to avoid contact lens use for about 2 weeks, and use drops and ointments 2-3 weeks to moisturize your eyes. Once your incisions are healed, I also include lasering the scar to make it the least perceptible. This happens in your follow-up appointments at months 2,3, and 4 after the surgery. I will follow you for years after any procedure, and it is all included in your surgery fee. If you don’t like your eyelid appearance and are ready to explore your options for improving your tired under eye bags or unapproachable look, then call my office for a consultation.

I have video tapes of eyelid incision closure at the time of surgery on my website gallery. Click here to view.

Please visit MentorPlasticSurgery.com photo gallery on eyelid surgery for more photos of patient results
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