What procedure can make my upper face look more rested and less grumpy?

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Beauty trends are always changing, but a good set of brows never goes out of style. Throw in the fact that, when wearing a mask, our eyebrows are one of the main features, and you’ll see why stellar eyebrows are one of your biggest beauty must-haves of 2021. Rather than spend hours of precious time plucking, penciling, and obsessing over your brows, perhaps it’s time to consider something else. If you want to make sure your eyebrows are always on point, a surgical brow lift might be in order — this endoscopic minimal incision procedure is long acting- lasting for over a decade, it takes one hour to perform, and is affordable compared to a decade of Botox that doesn’t raise your brow position or solve the concerns of droopiness around the eyes the way brow repositioning does. The patient who decides brow surgery is for them usually sees eyebrow hooding, unhappy face, tired face, or angry appearance. They may or may not have social feedback that reinforces that internal narrative that they “don’t look happy.” A brow lift can often be performed at the same time as upper or lower eyelid surgery. Often, elevating the brow to its rested, relaxed position improves the appearance of the excess skin of the upper eyelid enough to not have to do anything else!

The one-hour surgery called endoscopic brow lift is an innovation over older methods, in which the incision is placed from ear to ear in the mid-scalp. Instead, a 5 mm endoscope is placed under the scalp line through 3 tiny incisions covered by your hair. We won’t shave your head! The incisions heal in about 3 weeks, so those who color their hair should do it before surgery. For men looking to take some years off their face, the incisions are readily covered by a baseball cap or letting your hair grow out a little bit to comb over until you are healed. The brow elevation is natural-looking, the 11’s lines between the eyes are gone, and the brow muscles and sensation are normal after you recover. You can resume heavy exercise and contact sports in about 3 weeks. Because it is a minimally invasive, endoscopic procedure you may return to work in a few days. My staff and I will show you photographs of real patients who allow review of their recovery to let you know about how it will go for you. Our photo gallery of before and after pics will let you carefully decide what works best for you. I can morph your image to show you how you will look post-op.

Regardless of what specific goals or resolutions you’ve set for yourself this coming year, we hope that your 2021 is rejuvenating and filled with hope! If you’re hoping to grow your confidence by trying a new plastic surgery or aesthetic treatment this year, we are here to guide you along the way.

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