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Youthfulness is characterized by bright skin and a full face. To have these, as well as a reduction in brown spots, aging spots, loose skin or fine wrinkling, I recommend my personally designed “Concord Peel.” Its foundation is the “Forever Young” procedure, which uses Broadband light technology from Sciton to functionally rejuvenate the skin and delay skin aging.  This in-office treatment uses 5 different wavelengths of laser light in a single session using topical local anesthesia (no shots).  Typically, patients get 1 to 3 of these treatments about a month apart. Afterwards, your brown spots lighten, your face looks brighter, your skin looks smoother, tighter and more youthful, pink or red blood vessels are substantially reduced, and small wrinkles and sun damage are lessened. Over this time, you go on to improve from an immune response to treatments, which respond fully in one or over several treatments. We always perform a Visia skin analysis with your consultation, and then a few months after your treatment, to fully assess your progress. 


After the five Forever Young wavelengths, my Concord Peel then adds an additional Erbium laser resurfacing treatment, which results in your face, neck and decollete looking younger. You will experience a slight pinkness from the time of the laser until the next morning, but it is less than a light sunburn.  Broadband light energy is applied to your skin, followed by a very light laser ablation peel. We apply Aquaphor to your skin and you can drive yourself home.  Your social downtime is essentially the day of the procedure but some people even return to work later that same day, and you can see results almost immediately. 


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