The Benefits of Medical-Grade Skincare Products

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When it comes to skincare, there are a lot of different products on the market. With so many options, knowing which ones to choose can take time and effort. However, if you’re looking for skincare that gets results, Dr. Vanek recommends medical-grade products that penetrate the skin’s deep layer.

Medical-grade skincare is a term used to describe products backed by scientific research. These products are subject to stricter standards than over-the-counter alternatives. They’ve been proven effective and have passed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspections through controlled and double-blind trials.

We are all in search of the miracle cream. You know the one….It promises glowing, dewy skin, fights wrinkles and fine lines, banishes blemishes, and won’t cause acne, tightens or plumps, and makes us look ten years younger.

The choices of lotions and potions available in the skincare market are plentiful. And prices range from very affordable brands at the drug store to outrageously decadent brands exclusively available at high-end department stores. Finding an effective product that delivers what it promises can be a challenge.

Have you considered medical-grade skincare available from your doctor’s office?

Are Medical-Grade Products Better Than Over-the-Counter (OTC) Products?

Is there a difference between the quality and effectiveness of products you can buy at the drugstore or department store and those available at your physician’s office? The answer is yes. And here is why.

What Is Medical-Grade Skincare?

Medical-grade skincare, or cosmeceutical skincare, targets specific medical skin conditions like wrinkles, treats acne, and redness. The concentration of active ingredients is higher in medical-grade products.

Companies that produce medical-grade skincare products will often use more stable ingredients that take longer to degrade. They often use more sophisticated absorption mechanisms so the active ingredients won’t clog pores and can penetrate more deeply into the skin.

In contrast, over-the-counter products often contain comparatively trace amounts of the star ingredient, such as retinol or hyaluronic acid, boosted with “fillers,” ineffective additives.

Over-the-counter products are regulated to prevent penetration below the top layer of the skin, and they are not approved to make claims of “treating” skin conditions like acne, acne scars or types of eczema.

The advantages of medical-grade skincare

  1. Medical-grade skincare products are made with high-quality ingredients. They can help improve your skin’s appearance by treating conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema.
  2. The active ingredients in medical-grade products are often more potent and contain more beneficial ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, and retinol.
  3. They are proven effective, and there is no need to experiment with many different products to find the right one for you.
  4. Dr. Vanek can recommend a product specifically for your skin condition, which reduces your need to experiment with over-the-counter products.

Benefits of Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

Clinical Testing

Medical-grade skin care products often undergo more intense research and clinical testing, leading to solid, scientifically backed evidence that they will deliver the promised results.

Advertising Traps

Often when we are looking for a new product promising excellent results that we want to try. Usually, the first one that comes to mind is the one that has spent the most on its advertising budget.

Unlike popular over-the-counter brands, medical-grade skincare brands spend most of their budgets on research, development, and clinical trials. These companies leverage our internet browsing and the types of shows we watch to target us through our social media feeds and viewing habits.

Who Knows Your Skin Better?

Dr. Vanek understands the chemistry and physiology of the skin and knows how to treat every skin type, whether you have dry skin, itchy skin, or oily skin. Dr. Vanek’s team understands your unique challenges and conditions and your goals for beautiful, healthy skin. Dr. Vanek will devise a completely personalized treatment plan based on your skin type to help you achieve a youthful, glowing complexion.

With the array of medical and cosmetic treatments and the professional knowledge of the appropriate use with supporting medical-grade skin care products, Dr. Vanek can recommend a course of complementary treatments customized just for you.

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Discover the benefits of medical-grade skin care products and develop a skincare routine to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Contact the Mentor Plastic Surgery & Med Spa expert team for your complimentary consultation.

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Our team is highly skilled in delivering natural, effective results with medical, cosmetic, and dermatologist-approved high-quality skin care products. Dr. Vanek and his team are committed to educating our patients and helping them discover our treatments’ cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Call us at 1-440-205-5750 today.


Q: Does Mentor Plastic Surgery & Med Spa sell medical-grade products?

A: We offer a variety of skincare products that are effective for all kinds of skin conditions. Including all types of acne, rosacea, people with eczema, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and more.

Q: How will I know which products are suitable for me?

A: We recommend consulting with our skin care specialists to discuss your concerns and goals for healthy, beautiful skin. During your complimentary consultation, we can guide you to make the best and most informed decision to achieve fabulous skin.

Q: What is the one medical-grade skin care product that I should try?

A: Sunscreen! If you only want to try one product and are looking for results you won’t find in an over-the-counter product, we recommend sunscreen!

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