What are the most popular procedures in plastic surgery?

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Clearly the removal of fat from unwanted areas leads the most popular procedure in plastic surgery. But since we are in the age of camera-ready social media, boomers are proudly proclaiming ’60 is the new 40. Of the 17.7 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the US in 2018 (the most recent data), 23% were performed on those 55 and older.

Facial rejuvenation, Filler injections, eyelid lifts, liposuction and breast augmentations are leading areas of concern and procedure frequency in the US. Radio-frequency body contouring with non-surgical technique called Trusculpt ID, which tightens and tones the body areas of concern.

These surgical and non-surgical techniques have high popularity and patient satisfaction remains high. Increasingly patients who have had minimally invasive injections with off the shelf items like Restylane, Juviderm and RHA fillers are turning to board certified Plastic surgeons for more long-acting biologic agents- their own autologous fat grafting to plump up their lips, lines, breasts and faces. The fat from the tummy or thighs are harvested with a little local and then the fat is processed in the office or OR, then placed immediately in the target area. This can be readily combined with eyelid surgery. The incision in the crease of they eye can be done as an office procedure, or require light twilight anesthesia to refresh the upper face.

Very popular with men who are competing in the work force with younger co-workers, this procedure has skyrocketed in the era of Zoom awareness of one’s tired appearance. Zoom work culture has made many people take note of their tired under-eye appearance. Simple solutions for the under eye tiredness may be the addition of a little filler in the naso-jugal fold. More severe under-eye bags may need an outpatient surgery called lower blepharoplasty to give a more long term and natural, rested appearance. Breast augmentation popularity and frequency remains high.

Innovation in the use of internal support for the implant using Galaflex, Alloderm and Strattice biological materials has made the results more long lasting and predictable. As you are contemplating your beauty goals for the upcoming year, come in and see me at Mentor Plastic Surgery & MedSpa so we can talk over your pathway!

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