Great vs artificial looking fillers

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I truly appreciate that you have asked such an honest question, and I will give you an honest answer. The primary difference is in the person who is responsible for injecting the fillers.

In addition to earning the status of a double board-certified surgeon, I am also a biochemist and a researcher for the National Institutes of Health. This knowledge means that I know how the human body works, and I understand how to manipulate its structures to unlock and reveal my patients’ beauty. Along with the knowledge, I have extensive scientific training and almost 25 years of experience, a combination that allows me to know precisely where and how much is needed to inject in any exact location. I am always humbled when some people call me an “artist,” but it is because I have committed my entire education and career to being the very best physician I can be.

I am amazed at how many people trust their faces and bodies to so many different types of practitioners with varying levels of education, training, knowledge and experience. The filler companies set basic guidelines, but it is up to each practitioner to not only follow these but to know how different faces are structured, above and below the skin, and how these variances affect the injection process. In some cases, improperly placed fillers and injectables actually can make people look older or unattractive. There is a balance with what looks better on the outside and what needs to be done beneath the surface. This cannot be learned in a textbook or weekend training course.

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