Cool or hot body sculpting

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Which is better, cool or hot body sculpting?

You probably know you’ve asked about one of the fastest growing non-invasive (non-surgical)
treatments for body-contouring troublesome areas. Most people have seen the ads and billboards for
cold sculpting procedures that supposedly work by freezing fat. These treatments are often given
without a doctor’s care, including at spas and salons.

Many patients have asked me why I don’t provide these freezing treatments, and it’s because I did not
see consistently positive results. In fact, I have treated patients who came to me disappointed with
their results after freezing treatments. Some even said they gained weight and inches.

After extensively researching available products, I offer a non-surgical solution providing excellent
results in short sessions, and without downtime or recovery. The product is called “truSculpt 3D,” and
it utilizes heat to target fat in body areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. In a heat application,
there is a sensation of warmth, but without pain. There is no pulling and pinching that is typical with
freezing procedures.

truSculpt 3D has been clinically proven to decrease circumference and diminish fat, which I believe is
the ultimate comparison factor. My research shows that it also gives more prominent and dramatic
results for a larger variety of body types. Recently cleared by the FDA, it is manufactured by Cutera, a
respected 20-year worldwide medical company. We were one of Northeast Ohio’s first facilities
offering truSculpt 3D.

I strongly recommend that body-contouring is only performed by and after consulting with an
experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Please call my office so we can discuss this further.

Learn more about truSculpt 3D by clicking here.

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