I have a lot of skin that hangs from my upper arms. Can you help me?

Definitely! This is a fairly common condition, mostly caused by weight loss, aging or genetics. For many years, we could only reduce or eliminate this excess skin surgically, with a procedure known as Brachioplasty. This was done under general anesthesia, and typically took 3-4 weeks for bruising to disappear, 3-6 months for swelling to go away, and 6-24 months for scars to fade.

With the recent technological advancement of Renuvion, this procedure can be performed more efficiently, with minimal downtime and scarring. While Renuvion works on loose, saggy skin almost anywhere on the body, it offers especially dramatic outcomes tightening lax skin of the upper arms. Renuvion utilizes cold plasma, which is produced when helium gas is energized by radiofrequency energy and delivered via the Renuvion device. Helium gas is quite stable so it can be ionized at very low energy to enable a targeted, predictable and flexible delivery. Since cold plasma is cooler than laser energy, the Renuvion arm lift procedure is less cutting, so less chance of damaging the tissue. The degree of skin revitalization and improvement from cold plasma energy is unmatched compared to other available technologies, such as laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency.

The Renuvion procedure is performed in my office using local anesthesia. The outcomes, skin tightening, shrinking, and rejuvenation from within, are instant and continue improving as your body recovers. The upper arm area usually feels slightly tight or sore after the treatment, so I can prescribe mild pain medications for minor discomfort. Your decision about your skin laxity and your response to this energy is best reviewed in consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who routinely does both procedures.

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