Breast Reconstruction Gallery

All Actual patients of Dr. Vanek

Single-Stage Breast Reconstruction with Implant, B/L Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy, Alloderm

Age: 56 

Sex: Female

3 months post-op

Size: 475cc

Right Irradiated Breast Reconstruction, B/L Mastopexy, B/L Breast Augmentation with Alloderm

Age: 54 

Sex: Female

2 months post-op

Size: 505cc

Breast Reconstruction with Implant/Prepectoral

Age: 45 

Sex: Female

2 months post-op

Size: 235cc

Inverted Nipple Repair/ Papuloplasty

Age: 39

Sex: Female

5 months post-op

Explant of Breast Implant (rupture), Capsulectomy, Breast Re-Augmentation

Age: 59

Sex: Female

1 year post-op

Implant size: 322 cc