Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

Since I don’t know which surgery you want to have, I cannot give you a specific answer. This is a very important conversation that I have with my patients because your recovery period is critical to obtaining optimum results. We custom tailor your instructions based upon your surgery, medical history, social and work requirements. This helps you plan best and provides you appropriate rule sets. Since your doctor cannot go home with you, you are solely responsible to precisely follow your post-surgery instructions.

These instructions could include various aspects, such as resting, not exercising, lifting or driving, taking or applying medication, wearing various garments, scheduled returns to the office, and other things essential to your best recovery and optimal results. I don’t recommend bed rest after surgery, but you may have certain restrictions for a short time after any procedure. After most surgeries I perform, you may climb stairs the same day and shower in 24 hours.

You probably should consider arranging for some assistance with your little ones, at least for a few days. It might help to have someone stay with you, or have your children stay with them.
Please don’t bend the rules during recovery or you could end up with an emergency bleed or other complications that could seriously impact your final results. Be patient with yourself. Remember that healing takes time and your ultimate results may not be evident for weeks, even months after surgery. Reviewing videos of patients at various stages of recovery may be helpful for you to see on my Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages, and my website.

How These Procedures Work Together

Modern board-certified Plastic Surgeons utilize tumescent fluid, which contains epinephrine (adrenaline) and a local anesthetic instilled into the fat layer. It is placed into each treatment area at the beginning of the procedure in a calibrated fashion, in proportion to the amount of fat the surgeon proposes to treat and remove. Your body absorbs the fluid during and post-surgery. Its purpose is to reduce bleeding, use less anesthetic agent, and let you wake up comfortably.

Next, areas you don’t like are treated with a method that removes the fat. I prefer to treat the fat selectively with Vaser ultrasound technology This allows me to make a 4 mm incision and place an ultrasound probe under the skin that pops the fat cell like a water balloon. It does not damage the lymphatics, collagen, blood vessels, or nerves. It selectively removes the fat, which is the tissue we want to treat. The ultrasound energy also stimulates the skin to “shrink wrap” around the smaller you!

Aging skin, post weight-loss changes, and sun damage rob the skin of its ability to have elastic recoil. I like to use Renuvion (J Plasma) to enhance the “shrink wrap” effect of skin tightening after liposuction during Vaser treatment. Helium plasma is created by radiofrequency (RF) stimulation of the helium gas atom. It creates a plasma beam that has been shown to make skin shrink substantially. Combining state of the art technologies allows for results that you will see the first day. You will have less swelling, tighter skin, and marvelous satisfaction with your new body!