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Yes, with rare exceptions, you can be poolside wearing your new bikini a few weeks after surgery! But healing is very much an individual process. During your private consultation, we will review before-and- after photos of other patients, and perform your custom sizing to determine your choice of implant size and shape. We will also discuss your body type, your readiness for surgery, what you can expect during and post- surgery, and when you can begin exercising and resuming normal activities.

Breast augmentations are usually same-day surgery, so you can go home after your implants are placed. You shouldn’t drive the day you receive anesthesia. It’s normal to feel tired and sore for a few days following surgery, and you may need some narcotics for the discomfort of your muscle dissection. Within a few days, Tylenol or Advil will solve your pain management. Most patients resume normal activities after about a week, but you should avoid strenuous activities for about two weeks.

As for your appearance, the suture line is woven under the skin and absorbs itself. I remove your steri-strip dressing about a week later in my office. I recommend a front clasp sports-bra for 3 weeks after surgery, then you can go bra (or bikini) shopping to fit your great new look. You will need to move your implants and massage your scars through your clothing for a few weeks. Scar management includes applying creams tailored to your skin type. You’ll love the way your new curves will look in all kinds of summer clothing!

This article first appeared in The News-Herald’s “Health Focus” on 5.15.2017