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You don’t want a GOOD plastic surgeon, you want an EXCELLENT one! After almost 25 years in private practice, I know it is difficult to find a plastic surgeon you can trust to give you results you want, and who you are comfortable talking with and being around.

I think both aspects are extremely important, and I try to provide both to my patients. First and foremost, I strongly recommend that you only see a board-certified plastic surgeon (or even better, a double-board certified surgeon, like myself). Today, it is easy to find this information on physician websites such as for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, or popular review sites like or This is also true for non-invasive treatments, such as fillers.

Just because a dentist or a general physician can give you Botox, it doesn’t mean that you should trust them to! Knowing the precise location for injections is extremely important to attain the finest results, and to avoid distortion or prolonged numbness for many months. Your plastic surgeon will also determine whether an injectable filler is best for your anatomic condition, or whether a different treatment would best suit you. When meeting, you need to feel good about your potential surgeon and their staff. Ask to see a gallery of their actual patients. Be sure to ask about the hospitals or surgery centers they are affiliated with. By the end of your consultation, you should feel the doctor understands you and your desired results, and that you like and can trust them as a both a surgeon and a person, to give you your best long-term outcome. Good luck with your decision.