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This answer depends entirely on your personal lifestyle. I perform surgeries year-round, and there is typically a waiting period to arrange your date. However, I have noticed over the years that the September through December period is when I usually perform the largest number of surgical procedures. My best guess is that this is due to two factors: it’s less busy for many people after a vacation and family-oriented summer season, and it’s just before the holidays, when many people want to look their best for parties and family gatherings.

But other seasons may be better for you. You may want to make it part of your “New year, new you!” Many people lose weight with January diets and exercise programs, then have plastic surgery to cap off their transformation, and heal and be ready for Summer activities – including hitting the beaches! Some patients use their summer vacations to schedule surgery and recovery away from work commitments. Others find Winter is their slowest time, so they schedule their vacations away from everyone, except their plastic surgeon. Heat and cold may also be a comfort factor for you, and the layers of clothing you wear to cover bandages or healing skin.

This should be a topic you discuss with your plastic surgeon, especially how long you may need to miss work, or have limited activities. I work closely with each patient to choose a date that works for you. Since there are advantages and disadvantages to every season, just remember that the sooner you have your surgery, the sooner you can enjoy the “new you.”

This article was taken from Dr. Vanek’s column in The News Herald’s “Health Focus”