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Before & After Photos

Case Histories: Face Lifts

Case 164

Age: 65
Weight: 145
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Gender: Female
Post-op Timeline: 1 year post-op

This Cleveland area grandmother said she didn’t want to look as much a grandmother as she was.  She was going to pursue at age 65 facial rejuvenation but also nose re-shaping at the same time. I did tell her that her airway problems as well as her nose concerns would contribute to her overall youthful appearance.  She is a 65 year old woman and is seen here one year postoperatively after having undergone an endoscopic brow lift, an upper lid blepharoplasty, a lower lid blepharoplasty, a canthopexy, a SMAS face lift, a neck lift with corset platysmaplasty, a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty. The patient looks much more youthful. She is now over a year postoperatively and enjoys the restoration of her mid face volume and her neck contours are marvelous. Because of her neck laxity, the re-draping of her skin and tightening of her corset muscles has provided her with a long term, beautiful result. Her breathing is much improved and her nose projection and proportion are much to her satisfaction. She and I have discussed her postoperative course and her scar management has gone splendidly. She is very happy with her rested appearance of her whole face and I have seen her in subsequent years beyond one year follow up and she still looks great.

Case 334

Age: 72
Weight: 140
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Gender: Female

This woman from Euclid has slowly seen herself age in a way that makes her unhappy with her appearance. She had a picture of her and her grandchild and she said she just couldn’t stand her neck anymore. Seen here at 6 months follow up from an endoscopic brow lift and SMAS face lift and neck lift with corset platysmaplasty the patient is delighted with her outcome. Her neck laxity is dramatically improved. Her pre-auricular scars (in front of her ears) and post-auricular scars (behind her ears) are much to her satisfaction. Her scar management has been excellent. She is starting Forever Young wavelengths on her face in order to improve her overall skin texture and appearance but her architectural improvement and softness of her appearance from her facial rejuvenation surgery is much to her satisfaction. Her husband loves it and came to every one of her follow ups and he was totally supportive of her pursuit to do something for herself finally after all these years.